How to Get Franchisee or Affiliation with RGYCI

How to participate our Franchisee program ?

Here is the procedure of affiliation-

You have to apply with your full details of self and available accessories regarding our requirement in PDF format.

When the application received, RGYCI will arranged a personal meeting with the applicant. After the successful meet up, our team will visit applicant’s prospective center. If we satisfied this all, then we must approved your affiliation.

Minimum Requiremnet for RGYCI Study Centre

The RGYCI Study Centre should satisfy the following minimum requirements-

Should be in business (IT related or otherwise) or should be a professional with the required enterprising acumen.

Should be capable to invest required amount of money to set up a study centre with proper infrastructure and main power.

Should have dedication for providing the outmost quality training to students.

Should be willing to be a part of the RGYCI team in accepting the terms and condition and procedures as laid down by RGYCI.

Specification Rural Urban
Aria (Sq.Ft.) 600 400
No. of Class Rooms 1 1
Sitting Capacity per Class Room 10 10
Lab Room 1 1
No. of Systems 5 7

Expectation From the Affiliated Study Centre

We expect that the RGYCI study branch should be located at the prime area of the city or town or village. The branch would have separate Class Rooms, Lab and Reception or Office Room. The branch would have perfect ventilation and proper lighting with water and toilet facilities. The rural or village area branch may not have the above infrastructure but must should have properly clean surroundings and available the minimum facilities.
35% for SC / ST and 30% concession for OBC Franchisee Fee.

Franchisee Fee
Rural Urban
Rs. 40,000/- Rs. 50,000/-
State Bank of India
A/C: 39843501410
IFSC: SBIN0014536

The Franchisee Fees is Non-Refundable.

RGYCI Study Center must renewal their affiliation with 31st December in every year on payment of Rs. 2,000/-