Today computer education in IT is recognized as essential area of knowledge and India has achieved tremendous growth in this area and is now being considered as a potential I.T. super power in the world. Information Technology education requires high quality Competence & good Infrastructure in order to make a competitive I.T. professional & vocational education.

In this era, we believe in the principle – “survival of the fittest”. I have made this institution available with modern technology, strong infrastructure and dedicated professional faculties through which our students can be the fittest and genius in I.T arena.

I am confident with our programs and courses offered and our students can meet any challenges which our employer may have on them. I wish them great success in their professional career for a delightful tomorrow.

I welcome you to RGYCI, a institute of excellence, and a unique place for knowledge and learning.

Mr. Laxman Bairagi

Chairman, RGYCI

Computer Education has become a fastest growing industry in India which is providing 100% practical and job oriented training to educate tomorrow professionals. In the era of privatization and modernization of education computer knowledge will bring lot of opportunities for you.

We are best on job oriented education and skill Development Courses in nominal charges. We are sure our students can meet any demand and challenges. That the employer may have on them. Let’s join hand and educate our self in computer knowledge to Develop Globally and make India a new Digital India Together.

Mrs. Reema Chowdhury

Secretary, RGYCI

Rajeev Gandhi Youth Computer Institute (RGYCI) provides you completely job oriented computer education according to the demand of IT industry and the training programs are designed and updated by the experts with employment oriented criteria.

The main objective of institute is to provide high quality educational programs to our students with emphasis on interactive learning methodologies.


Mr. I A Malik

Regional Head, UP

We promised to all student to provide them world class education in our institute RGYCI. All the labs are well equipped with all modern & High-Tech equipments. Our institution of higher learning must generate new knowledge & transforming dreams into reality for our youth.

I am sure our student can meet any demand & challenges. That the employer may have on them.